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Diving Emergencies:

Please note that I do not provide a helpline nor treatment for diving emergencies, DCI or diving accidents. You should contact your nearest Recompression Chamber.

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11th-19th October 2018

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This website  is a resource for divers. I frequently get asked questions about Scuba diving in my capacity as a doctor. It seemed sensible to set down my thoughts and advice so that others might have unrestricted free access.

This is me

I have no preference between the main schools of diving - the independent  PADI trained diver or the club based BSAC, SAA etc. I think that the different approaches reflect that people are different in their likes and dislikes. What is important is to have a good instructor that you have faith in and to keep your training up to date.  For some that means more courses, for others it is learning informally from other divers.


I have been fortunate in meeting many excellent instructors.

I hope that there is something of interest for you on this website and that it is a useful resource to help to make your diving safer and more enjoyable.




  • Medical problems affecting divers
  • Medical examinations needed to dive
  • Resources for both learning and experienced divers